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66 videos & More Being Added Monthly

You can request an area of interest, we will film and add it to the members area

These videos have been our fundamental program for nearly a decade, we have simply got better at coaching them, but the basics have remained the same for hundreds of years. From the legendary Samurai Miyamoto Musashi and his "Book of five rings" (Recommended reading for anyone with a pulse)

Sectoring, distance rhythm and timing are the underlying principles of all combat arts and will be for ever more. 

Simply follow the grades in order and build a solid combat foundation

Discover the main three styles of fighter. 

Find out which one suits you best and the most elusive of all, the chameleon. 

Follow the program and YOU WILL develop the skills you desire

Yellow Grade - Months 1-3

Learn stance, posture and footwork making it possible to deliver power

Orange Grade - Months 4-6

We can begin to look at body mechanics and how to deliver natural progressive movement

Red Grade - Months 7-9

How things start integrating, punches in movement, evasion and elusiveness

Green Grade - Months 10-12

We look at different styles of fighters from pressure, retreat to counter striker and the most difficult of all, the chameleon.

Bonus Content - Added monthly

We add new content monthly as we get asked by our students for specific areas of study

Your requests 

Get in touch and we will film and upload any areas of interest or confusion

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"Learnt so much from the Function First program, won my first fight too"

Lucy Steele - Wildlife Rescue

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