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Our Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling is a strong mix of wrestling and BJJ. We believe the two arts complement each other perfectly and each fills in the gaps of the other meaning a stronger game in all areas.

Although our students do compete in BJJ, Our influences over the years have been a mix of wrestling coaches and BJJ coaches.

Our Wrestling influences/coaches. From early 2000 training with coaches under Eric Paulson of CSW, an MMA pioneer pre UFC. To Nathan Leverton of Leicester Shootfighters, coach to many UFC fighters and a huge influence on our style. To more recently, Lyubo Kumbarov, multiple times Bulgarian National Wrestling Champion and long time wrestling coach at Rojer Gracie HQ London.

Our BJJ influences/coaches. Since 2013 has been John Will, 6th dan blackbelt and one of the first twelve non Brazilians to receive a black belt, known famously in the BJJ world as one of the dirty dozen, John visits our academy each year and has become a good friend. To more recently with Tom Barlow 2nd degree black belt and three-time No-Gi world champion, European champion and a regular commentator on the prestigious Polaris grappling events.

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  • With solo training drills to train at home
  • Plus you’ll be added to our private Jiu-Jitsu Online group
  • Where you can ask the team questions, find out about competitions, workshops and seminars
  • We also provide you with Mindmaps of each month’s work, see below

Mindmaps are provided for each months module

These are very useful for learning and seeing how the work connects

John Will 6th Dan BJJ Back Belt at Function First

All members are given priority access to Johns seminars

All seminars are filmed and uploaded for members

The showerhead concept approach to BJJ

Some of the Function First BJJ competition Team

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It can all be taught safely.

With attention to detail and a culture of learning and listening everything can be taught safely.


From a clean safe training environment to Cryotherapy and flotation tank services, we take health and well being seriously