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Self Defence

Learning the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness is a vital skill that can be taught through martial arts, along with Discipline Honesty & Respect.

We are building mentally and physically strong people who can go out into the world with confidence and a mindset to overcome adversity.

Our classes are seriously fun while structured and disciplined, come along for free and try a class to see how you get on, furthermore, we recommend trying a few other clubs

We’re here for the long haul, have a shop around and Compare.

Its easier to build strong children than fix broken adults

  • Vipers aged 5 to 8

  • Cadets aged 9 to 14

  • Discipline

  • Honesty

  • Respect

  • Build confidence

  • Overcome adversity

  • Stand up to bullies

  • Learn essential life skills

  • Mental toughness

  • Free Trial

  • Kickboxing classes

  • Gi Jiu Jitsu Classes

  • Learn self defence

  • Age appropriate classes

Black Belt Mentality


Our coaching philosopy – Off The Mats As On.

Meaning the lessons learnt on the mats are as important off the mats, at home, at school.

No Head Strikes For Children

We are very strict on no head strikes for children, Matt head coach has written a book on the benefits of martial arts for children. You can see a copy in reception.

He has also studied concussions and head trauma for some years now. Childrens brains are going through important development stages and head contact is not beneficial, a child cannot make the decision to do so. It is our responsibility to deliver safe classes inline with our duty of care.

Please speak with Matt if you require more information on this area.

All our classes are geared towards safety, health and well being, not just for the short term, but for a long healthy happy life for all.