Student Profile

Jack Summers

Jack has been with us for half his life now, aged ten he began training martial arts aged five, starting January 16th 2016.

Rarely missing a class Jack is a shining example of persistence and hard work. He has recently started assisting in the little viper classes as part of our coaching program and student development, having a younger sister seems to help out here.

He started in the little vipers himself where he attained his brown belt grade and is now one of our cadets, and again has reached brown grade which is a huge acheivement. On route for his black belt grade and beyond.

I asked Jack what his favourite technique is and he instanstly replied “POWER”

As part of our grading system at Function First we have life skills which range from raising money for charity to meditation practice.

Jack tells me his favourite life skills are always the ones involving cooking, in the pictures you can see this. The life skills here are to buy local produce or grow your own and cook a family meal. All things that we believe are important, not only for self, but for community and the family, the tribe.

When I asked Jack if his martial arts training helps him off the mats, at home or school he tells me he feels confident from his training.

So there you have it, Jack Summers. A great student and listener and a great fit to the Function First way.