Our New Assistant Coach Program

Updated and Much Improved

It’s been a while in the making, but we are happy with the program so far; nothing is fixed. It will develop and improve as we go along, but the bones are there, and it goes something like this.

The minimum requirement to become an assistant coach is a Function First Cadet blue belt, this means you have a grasp of the basic techniques and understand our approach somewhat

Every step of the way is designed to improve each assistants chances in the world of employment or employee, so we start as follows

If you are interested in becoming an assistant coach the first step is fill in an application, now there are a limited number of spaces so if these are full you will be put on a waiting list.

Ten levels of development, once you are accepted onto the coaching program you will be given clear defined goals, tasks and responsibilities

We start slowly and build over the ten levels, so to achieve level one your tasks will be things like, line the vipers up and salute them into the room, help them on and off with equipment etc

The levels increase in responsibility and skill set, so for example higher levels require assistant coaches to teach the warm up in a tabata style interval training format, and later on picking your own assistant coach, prepare them to teach a fifteen minute class.

On the surface these things might seem quite simple but the depth and understanding is not so obvious

For example,  LEVEL 2 looks like this

All tasks need to be performed consistently and independently

  1. Salute kids into class
  2. Introduce new kids to club culture
  3. Make sure shoes are placed on racks,
  4. Make sure shoes are worn to the toilet for cleanliness
  5. Level 1 coaching assistant work still applies

Then we explain and coach the assistants the depth and the reasons why we do what we do, these are vital skills that will benefit anyone who understands them.

“the skills for level two require you to educate new members into our club culture. We don’t simply tell people what to do, we show and we explain why we do.

Culture is king; it is all too easy for groups to descend to the lowest common denominator; by this, we mean whatever is accepted, let’s say, bad behaviour, chewing gum on the mats or bad language. Then these things very fast can become normal.

A good leader steers the ship in the direction that’s best for everyone”

Each level like level 2 above has a set of clear responsibilities and then an in depth reason why, things are often not what they seem and the key to freedom is vigilance. This is the result of over twenty years of coaching professionally, globally and paying attention to how other gyms and business operate. Everything we do has a reason and has been thought through with a vision in mind, we know why we get out of bed, we know why we do what we do, every single detail and we are constantly looking for improvements as everything has room for improvement

Along the assistant coaching journey responsibilities increase like communication, at a certain level assistants pick up the phone if they cant make it in, Not mum or dad and if they ever feel like leaving they speak with us and let us know their intentions. You don’t just walk out of a job without saying anything, there are ways to operate in this world and we act with integrity and confidence, the simple little things are not so little and lots and lots of simple little things make a big difference just like lots and lots of small voices in lots and lots of places can change the world.

If you are interested in becoming an assistant coach please speak with us

The Function First Team