So many people contacting us asking how they can donate for the online livestreamed classes.

Firstly, if you cannot afford it, then please please please train for free. We want you training, even when we reopen, come in, get on those mats and when you get back to work we can start up your memberships

When we say we are in this together, we mean it. Just seeing your faces on the livestream classes is support enough, it really is lovely to see you there, paying or not, we dont care.

For those who are financially stable and wish to support us that way, we are asking you to buy vouchers. This way we feel we are giving you something more for your kindness. You can redeem them when we reopen or you can bin them, up to you.

See you on the other side

Oh, if we get plenty of funding and this is over sooner than later and we end up with surplus cash, we will put the money back into free workshops and seminars with guest coaches for you all to attend. We will not be profiting from this.