Fight Like A Title Holder

Train Like A Champion


Grab yourself a free copy, well 20 free copies (No strings attached)

Of our current Yellow Grade Kickboxing Syllabus

Videos are broken down into isolated techniques, bag and pad application with concepts underlying the technique and the correct posture to deliver power and remain stable

There are also six videos included that you can add to the fundamentals of combat for self-defence application


  • Stance & Posture
  • Footwork
  • Strikes with single direct attack concept
  • Pad drills and development
  • Distance rhythm and timing drills

Self Defence

  • 360 degree awareness
  • 180 footwork for multiple opponents
  • Getting up from the ground safely
  • Wall work

Enjoy the work and remember this is our yellow grade for beginners but the basics should never be neglected, our fighters with title belts and our higher grades still train these fundamentals on a weekly basis and the results speak for themselves.