Gold Medal For Juliet

A great start to 2020 for Function First BJJ comp team

Juliet brought home the gold in her first BJJ competition on Saturday. Juliet hasn’t been training very long in the GI Jiu Jitsu but has learnt fast.

Winning both her opponents without losing a point she won 20-0 and 16-0 transitioning and holding position while racking up the points

Dom came home with bronze, winning against his first opponent on points he lost to his second in a kimura arm lock.

We are very happy with our first outing to the BJJ world and our new competition team results.

Ladies & Gents, If you are interested in training Jiu Jitsu for fun for fitness or for competition then please get in touch

We have several ladies in our classes now and we have just started our first kids GI Jiu Jitsu class on Saturdays

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