2019 what a time

All made possible by you.
Thanks for a great 2019 and heres to a 2020 so good you’ll have it tattood on your belly

2019 Goings On & success’s 

What makes us successful? Your stories and feedback do.

  • From dozens of parents telling us about how their children stood up to bullies
  • Kids that have been with us since vipers, growing up and finding carreers with our support
  • The amazing grading life skills you all complete, from raising money for charities to growing food and helping community
  • Members starting new business’s based on what they heard on the mats
  • The almost bizzare results from cryo on some people has been life changing for a few people
  • Our younger members stepping up and coaching adult classes
  • Helped over 100 lunatics raise over £50,000 in 2019 alone, £130,000 in total for cancer research
  • A small percentage of memberships goes to Northcotes heavy horse santuary for helping rescued animals, worthwhile
  • The Thailand training camp truly was an awakening for a few
  • Some title fights won
  • Some fights lost
  • Some first timers stepping into the ring overcoming adversity
  • Lots of laughs on the mats and in reception

2020 whats to come?

  • New classes starting January, we hit the ground running
  • New Adult Jiu Jitsu
  • New Kids Jiu Jitsu Gi classes
  • New competition circuit being arranged at BJJ organisations
  • Visit By John Will 5th Dan BJJ coach, considered the coaches coach by many
  • World class, possibly world title holder (fight due soon) Muay Thai seminar
  • Tom Barlow 2nd dan BJJ seminar
  • Thailand training camp trip
  • So much more

You make all these things possible