Goals Are Good

Fuzzy Goals

Goals are good, I keep my goals fuzzy and not so fixed in stone, as things change along the way.
Don’t fixate on the goal, enjoy the process, sink into the action
Becoming a Black Belt & farming is the same conceptually. We plan for the future, we work towards it step by step, we cannot force the crop to grow, we nurture.
Chef & Beyond, when the crops are grown it’s not over, life’s a cycle, we replant and we rotate for stronger root systems and growth. The crop needs transporting, cooking and the land needs replenishing. Your martial art needs fresh eyes after black belt because this is where you learn to chef not cook.
At Black Belt you can put down the recipe book now and then and sink into the art. But we all need a coach, we all need another set of eyes and another point of view. There is always another way to look at the same thing and that requires listening, not knowing.
“To listen means to lean in softly and be changed by what you hear”
That quote if adhered too by the majority of the population would change the world for the better