Gold & Bronzes For The Team

At BJJ AllStars Coventry

Gold For Dom in his catergory

Stu with Bronze in his catergory

Dom with Bronze in the absolutes

We had a great day out at BJJ Allstars competition in Coventry recently.

Six members signed up to compete on the day, Juliet had to pull out due to a knee injury so Wayne, Danny, Dom & Stu jumped onto the mats and tested out their hard work

Dom executed perfectly everything we had been working on and came away with the gold in his BJJ division, he also entered the absolutes and came away with bronze and then entered no gi where he played and tried out some new things like the firemans carry with some success and a little cheer form the crowd.

Stu got caught in a neck crushing choke resulting in him taking Bronze, though he went against three opponents his game plan went exactly as planned and again, the areas we have been studying worked just as we hoped

Wayne has only been on the mats for around twenty hours but still stepped up in good spirits and had fun, he also entered the no-gi grappling and considering his time on the mats did very well.

Danny, again a newbie to our Jiu-Jitsu classes, with only a few hours on the mats, he went in, had fun and learnt a lot.

Dom having fun in the No-Gi and trying out his firemans carry, needs a little work, but not far off.

A little crowd-pleaser tested out in a competitive setting

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