Women’s BJJ Lincoln

Function First Martial Arts

It’s common to hear in the BJJ Grappling world that “A smaller person can control a larger stronger one”

In the beginning, that’s not true, but over time, it most definitely is. Night after night, week after week we see it happen on the mats here at Function First martial arts in Lincoln.

This of course doesn’t just apply to women grappling men but as more and more women join us to take up the very addictive sport of BJJ, we are seeing it happen more and more.

Once you understand how to transfer your weight grasp the importance of leverage and posture, you begin to control much bigger stronger opponents. Its an extremely rewarding experience and we believe important skills to possess

We also provide Free women’s BJJ classes hear at Function First, giving you the chance to try it out with other women. The free classes are coached by Juliet on Fridays at 6.30 pm so please get in touch if you are interested.

Juliet is on a winning streak at the competitions this last few years, she competes in Gi & NO GI grappling, so you are in good hands.