BJJ Lineage
Just spoke to my good friend and coach J Will.
Some years ago he taught me heavy legs, how to make yourself heavy from the bottom
He travelled to Brazil in the ’80s, met Helio who closed his training area to his students to just teach John his game in five days
I was taught this several years ago, with around six others, John called the session, “Five days with Helio”
He compressed the major points into the session and it was a lot of fun and stuck with me as I have always found the history, lineage and influences important. From music to martial arts, I love the stories.
I’ll put a little video together ASAP for some parts of the seminar. Now I know what I’ll show isn’t anything new now, though I did just scour Youtube and found nothing, not one video on it, maybe the name has changed?
It’s not really a technique, more a concept, but I use it a lot in my non BJJ coaching and training