Wim Hoff Ice Bath Day

With Level 2 Coach Daniel Beckitt


Sunday 12th April – exact times to be confirmed.

Places are strictly limited to 10 people and must be paid for in advance.

The cost is £150 for the day details below

What Do Yo Get?

So the day will be run by level 2 Wim Hoff coach Daniel Beckitt, we will be guided through Wim Hoff breathing techniques and also a restorative yoga sesion.

This is over several hours building us all up to Wim Hoff the ice bath challange.

Hi everyone!

My name is Daniel, and my background is personal training & strength & conditioning. I have coached many individuals and groups, from all walks of life; from professional athletes, such as the FIFA India national football squad to professional Bellator M.M.A fighters, to everyday people pursuing their dreams; such as a client recovering from a terminal illness and then completing the ‘Marathon des Sables’ (5 marathons in 5 days in the Sahara desert) to a warehouse worker becoming a Royal Marines Commando.

After a near fatal episode of asthma that left me hospitalised for two weeks, I returned to the UK (from India) determined to look for a natural alternative to alleviate the chronic disease that I had suffered from for most of my life.

I have also suffered from severe depression and anxiety. At one point, I was admitted into a mental health unit and was presecribed 12 pills a day for anxiety, insomnia and depression. When I could not find my way out of this darkness, it took a suicide attempt for me to truly reevaluate my life . WHM was a major tool in healing these traumas that I had repressed for so many years.

Deciding to take a leap of faith, I dived into the WHM, and started to feel improvements quickly. The asthma symptoms subsided, as did the use of daily medications. But the biggest gift I received from practicing the method was the ever growing peace, focus and connection to self. My soul focus is to try and reach as many people as possible in order to facilitate positive changes within themselves.

We have gone on to empower people with severe anxiety and depression issues, one being a retired soldier having suffered severe PTSD from 2 tours in Afghanistan.

I am so grateful and proud to be a Certified level 2 WHM instructor and would be honoured to initiate the Wim Hof journey with you, in a safe, fun environment. Come as you are, or as a team building exercise. All are welcome!

Love Daniel.

Check out Daniels Wim Hoff profile HERE