Wim Hoff 3

Lincoln Workshop

That’s another Wim Hoff workshop completed at the Function First Martial Arts Ranch Lincoln, these are really growing in popularity.

This one was organised by Angela from LN5 Look after yourself and we provided the space.

It sold out in weeks, we will be having Dan and Boreas Healing back again for round 4 so keep tuned

Dan put it nicely, so here’s his feedback on the event

What a workshop!!


A wonderful, warm welcome from Lincoln for our big WHM, breath-work, Shamanic drum work and yoga event
Sunday’s event had the coldest water we have ever had on a big event. We got it down to less than ONE DEGREE ‼️ ?❄️
I am so so proud of everyone who attended. There were so many laughs to be had on the day!
Thank you to my amazing team of assistant coaches & Heather with Yoga of Karma Kids Yoga Therapy Sammuel of Sol Haven and Dean of Dean Irons Fitness & Wellbeing . They really helped create something special
Thank you to Matt Lincolnshire Cryotherapy for allowing us to use this magical space ( there really is a fantastic energy here… it’s like a 2nd home for Boreas now! )
And a HUGE thanks to Ange of Look After Yourself LN5 for putting so much energy into getting this event off the ground. You’re a very awesome lady!
To all the participants, please bear with us in regards to sending share files of the photos. There are over 200 to get through!! We also have photos/emails for Saturday’s event too
If we know you personally, we will be able to ping them to you shortly. We are working on getting the emails out asap
I had to work on Bank Holiday Monday but I’m slowly catching up! ??
Love Dan ?