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Fuzzy Goals

Goals Are Good Fuzzy Goals Goals are good, I keep my goals fuzzy and not so fixed in stone, as things change along the way. Don't fixate on the goal, enjoy the process, [...]

Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity Its been a testing time for so many this last few months and we are not over this yet. Many martial arts clubs have closed while many struggle with limited class [...]

BLM Lincoln Martial Arts

Black Lives Matter As Well Shouldn't be controversial, should it? In my twenty-year experience training, martial arts no matter where taught, church hall, professional academy, tin hut, container unit, car park or beach hut. [...]

Feel Like An Imposter?

Imposter Syndrome? Feel Like A Fake? Talking to a lovely lady I was freezing yesterday and she mentioned "Imposter Syndrome" . We all experience this from time to [...]

Best Martial Arts Near Me

Best Martial Arts Near Me Is This The Correct Question? No doubt one of Google's most asked questions but is it the correct one? What are you looking for? A fighters gym A martial [...]

Double Your Punch Speed

No Gimmick No Nonsense We Proved It There's a bit of a bonus at the beginning of this video, this is a great way to make sure your students/training partners are covered while punching [...]

No Room At The Gym

Re Entry To Sanity Limited Spaces We imagine any decent gym will be facing the same problems. When we are allowed to reopen, class sizes mean we are full immediately. We have to look [...]

Helio Gracie To John Will To You

BJJ Lineage   Just spoke to my good friend and coach J Will.   Some years ago he taught me heavy legs, how to make yourself heavy from the bottom   He travelled to [...]

Free Yellow Grade Offer

Fight Like A Title Holder Train Like A Champion & Grab yourself a free copy, well 20 free copies (No strings attached) Of our current Yellow Grade Kickboxing Syllabus Videos [...]


Fantastic News 1-2-1 lessons now available Until we are clearer on the way forward they are outside the academy for now Social distancing will be adhered too You can train in pairs from the [...]

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